Volunteer Of The Month – August

Elaine C. from IL

Elaine’s extension of empathy to our IMAlive chatters started in August of 2016. Since that time genuine wishes “to help others see the good in their world and their lives” and “to listen without diminishing anyone’s feelings” are foundations fostered tirelessly while assisting so many persons in crisis coming to us over the years to safe outcomes. In addition to serving as a crisis responder on shift, Elaine goes above and beyond to shares time with our Creations team here at IMAlive where she crafts inspirational, inclusive, and informative images and quotes for our social media presence in order to reduce stigma associated with talking about mental health/suicide and to spread further a message of hope by letting anyone who needs to hear it know help is out there. Elaine’s supervisors praise a balance of independence and skill in exploring a chatter’s unique crisis and guiding them toward a safe plan they are comfortable and motivated to implement. Congratulations, Elaine – we are so very grateful for your commitment to IMAlive’s mission and those we serve!

Laura E. from Florida

Laura joined IMAlive’s team earlier this year – in February 2020 – expressing a belief that she “could help people in a crisis” and with a will to learn how to do just that by completing and excelling in our crisis response training program to begin making a difference in people’s lives. Supervisors say Laura stands out from the crowd as a naturally gifted active listener who nurtures genuine connection with her chatters; a pleasure to work with, Laura is described as an amazing asset on shift whose presence on the team lifts the spirit of a shift no matter how difficult or challenging the day. They also compliment a style of approaching crisis intervention and suicide prevention that capture a chatter’s emotions and situation in a way that instantly resonates with them, and with a dedication and persistence toward understanding their unique problems and potential resources that lead to a sense of validation as the person seeks support to work safely through their crisis. Empathy rooted in a deeply compassionate care for those in crisis she speaks to, Laura’s drive and passion push her to develop her skills and understanding ever further by engaging in frank discussions of her thoughts with supervisors and seeking feedback to improve her skills. We thank you, Laura, for choosing to share your talent and drive with IMAlive and our chatters!

Congratulations to both of you. You are making a difference in our world!

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