Volunteer Of The Year 2020 – Elizabeth

Elizabeth F. from British Columbia, Canada

2020 was a difficult year for many and for many different reasons. While we thank all of our volunteers for being there for those in crisis throughout the ups and downs and adaptations they too endured, we honor one volunteer in particular for having that extra special shine in a sky brightly lit by stars. 
Since beginning volunteer service with IMAlive in October of 2018, Elizabeth has gone above and beyond to give over 800 hours toward the pursuit of supporting people in crisis. In this tenure, she’s also volunteered in-person at IMAlive mental health fair events to extend awareness, educate, and break down the stigma of talking about suicide and mental health struggles. 
It’s not merely generosity of time that matters when we choose a volunteer of the year from our outstanding team around the globe; the supervisors who share her shifts say it best:

  • Elizabeth is very dedicated and fully invested with those in crisis she speaks to. She shows compassion, understanding and knowledge of their issues. She is professional and handles each situation confidently. 
  • Elizabeth is a calm, consistent steady presence. She is the consummate professional, always on time and ready to hit the ground running. 
  • She has been on my radar for a long time as one of our star volunteers. She shows such warmth and compassion to those in crisis and always seems to know exactly what they’re  going through, no matter what the situation. She always shows them a thorough understanding of what they’re going through and helps them find ways to cope. 
  • Elizabeth is always very professional in her communications and yet shares some personal tidbits too. (such as her love for snakes)
  • This reward couldn’t go to a more deserving volunteer!!!
  • Had the chance to meet her at a con in person, very sweet and generous. Online, she is very patient, always the first one to grab chats. Connects well and deeply with the chatter. Her empathy just radiates. 
  • Elizabeth is an incredibly calming presence on shifts. She is quick to grab chats, fluent in all forms of crisis she is met with, and is so witty and fun to talk with away from the chat screens. I truly enjoy working with her and I hope she continues for years to come! 
  • Sometimes when I’m on shift with her, I’ll tell her, “I’m so glad that person got you-” because I know that she will always give each person she talks to the time and open-hearted approach to let them feel heard, no matter how complicated or hopeless their situation might feel at first. 
  • One of the many reasons Elizabeth is an incredible volunteer is that besides her willingness to help people and her determination to help those who are in crisis, it’s obvious those skills are second nature; that she doesn’t just apply them to IMAlive but to everyone she knows and meets in person. Compassion and empathy are part of her DNA. I don’t get to work with Elizabeth often but the handful of times that I have, she was a source of comfort as a supervisor to have for a volunteer. Her ease and dedication are a breath of fresh air to see when she is conducting a chat. She’s invaluable and I’m so honored to have worked with her. 

On behalf of the entire team here at IMAlive and all those she has helped to safety throughout the years by being there when they needed to be heard to find hope, we extend our sincere thanks and congratulations to Elizabeth on being named our Volunteer of Year for 2020!

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