Supervisor Of The Year 2020 – Amaris

Amaris from British Columbia, Canada

Each year IMALIVE Volunteers are asked to choose one incredibly deserving candidate to earn this special title. This year, our volunteers chose Amaris from British Columbia, as 2020 Supervisor of the Year!

Amaris joined IMALIVE in 2015 as a volunteer and was invited to join the Supervisor Team in August of 2019. She has devoted over 1,150 hours to crisis intervention so far, and is currently not only one of the IMALIVE Trainers who help new volunteers sharpen and perfect their crisis intervention skills, but also great support for experienced volunteers who have been chosen to become Supervisors themselves. So much of the contribution to the organization and the reason for her being recognized was a result of her willingness to put IMALIVE and its volunteers before herself.

Here are the comments volunteers sent in with their vote:

  • Amaris is one of the most enthusiastic and kind supervisors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She always makes volunteers feel welcome and her laid-back yet attentive attitude makes her fun to work with. Amaris always leaves helpful and constructive feedback and you can tell she’s truly passionate about what she does.
  • Amaris is a wonderful supervisor. As a recently certified responder, there are times when I am unsure of myself. She is always there to offer advice and encouragement, and no question I ask is ever viewed as insignificant. One of her qualities is patience! Her support has helped me to gain confidence in myself and in my interactions with persons in crisis.
  • I really appreciated all of the help and support that Amaris gave me in training. She really made me feel like while I was still learning, I definitely the potential to be able to do it!
  • I voted for Amaris because she was amazing as a trainer and gave me the most helpful feedback so I could do better. As a supervisor, she is always messaging me and checking in with me about how I feel and what she thinks of the PIC. She’s always so supportive and empowers me to do better. She’s amazing!!!
  • Amaris has been super supportive and ultra helpful, don’t know, what’s her source of drawing in kindness, which she distributes, so consistently, expressing heartfelt gratitude and life long blessings for her journey ahead.
  • Amaris is always so happy and caring. She is always so helpful when I’m not sure what to say next. I always look forward to working with her.
  • Amaris has been steadfast in her ability to make me feel comfortable, calm, and confident during the chats that I have had under her watch.
  • I’m always able to touch base and shoot something past her if I’m not sure about the direction the chat is taking. She always reminds me that we are helping even when it doesn’t feel like it and I always feel completely secure when I am on a shift with her.
  • Amaris definitely is attentive to other volunteers and remains to be a positive influence. She has that confidence that flows naturally when interacting with her. She knows the rules and actively gives feedback every time I log in to do my shifts.
  • Amaris has such a beautiful way of working with us, celebrating the good moments and calmly supporting us through the rough ones.
  • Amaris is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is so helpful while working on shifts and is very quick to respond whenever I have a question. It’s easy to tell, even through chatting online, that she has a warm soul full of compassion for helping others. I enjoy each and every shift that I get to work with her. Thank you for all of the help and support!
  • Amaris is an incredible supervisor. She is attentive, fun, and lightens up a shift when it gets to be a tough one! She also is very knowledgeable in what she does! 🙂
  • Amaris was always very helpful on all my shifts and got me through some really tough chats. She always made me feel confident as a crisis responder!
  • Amaris is always incredibly helpful and very supportive when stuck in a chat and very easy to talk to!
  • I would move everything in my day so I could work with Amaris. She is my favorite go-to person to ask her all my questions and clear up all the confusion from conflicting comments. I could go to her with anything I wanted to improve on and she would never judge. She was approachable, unpretentious and her feedback made sense. I love her kind gentle soul. I have no doubt that she truly wanted to see me thrive and develop my skills in crisis response.

In recognition of her superior dedication to the volunteers of IMALIVE and the cause of suicide prevention, we celebrate Amaris and her well-deserved title of 2020 Supervisor of The Year!

But we would be remiss if, after this particularly difficult year, we didn’t recognize the efforts of ALL IMALIVE Supervisors, who, despite a variety of challenges caused by the pandemic continued to be there for the volunteers, new and old, and for the people in crisis desperately trying to help and hope. To our caring Supervisors who are generously donating their time each month to help prevent suicide and save lives,  we say THANK YOU!

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