Volunteer’s Of The Month – December Shraddha & Alexis

Shraddha N. from the UK

When Shraddha joined the IMAlive team in September of 2017 she expressed that, “I want to be able to support even one person … I just want to impact people positively.” Since then she has supported not just a one person in crisis, but impacted the lives and safety from suicide of so many who come to chat struggling to find support. Along the way she continues to develop her skills in crisis response and empathy to help others and to grow as an individual; her caring and compassion are evident in all that she does. Supervisors are impressed by Shraddha’s consistency, thoughtfulness in her use of empathetic responses, and the endless well of patience she shows to the people who come to talk with us. She excels in adapting her style to the age and language level of the people she speaks to, connecting with them in a place where they communicate as equals working through the fundamentals of the crisis intervention and suicide prevention process toward a common goal. Providing the best possible support she can to the person in crisis, she never hesitates to reach out for additional support and advice herself in navigating complex crises and situations where suicide is a high risk. We appreciate all she does and are pleased to honor her as a volunteer of the month for December!

Alexis K. from New York

Alexis – one of our PostSecret sponsorship recipients – completed her HEART training to become a certified crisis responder in April 2020. In a year where Covid-19 challenged humanity as a whole, she came to us with the expectation “that this volunteer experience will continue to teach me about the diversity of our society and the individual struggles that exist in this world.” This awareness that every person’s struggle is unique to them, her acceptance of diversity without judgement, and her willingness to continually develop her empathy and active listening skills, make her an asset to the team and, most importantly, to those people in crisis contacting us for help. Supervisors praise the wonderfully positive attitude she brings to shifts and the time, thought, and care she takes in endeavoring to understand her chatter’s situation and give them the space to feel heard and valued. This striving to understand the crisis and a chatter’s available or potential resources enables Alexis to work together with the person in crisis on coming up multiple approaches to see which one will allow the person to feel most empowered about their situation and safe plan. For being a rock of empathy in sea of troubled times, we celebrate Alexis as a December volunteer of the month!

Congratulations to both of our amazing volunteers!

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