Ann from IN, USA

We’d like to take a time out to honor Ann before we let her go on about her story that brought her here. Since 2015, Ann has achieved over 870 hours of volunteer work in our organization, experiencing a full, countless spectrum of crises and helping people as much as she can through every one of them. While it’s been five years since Ann has brought her stellar skill set and empathic heart, she continues to amaze us with her devotion and has many more people to reach. Thank you Ann for being there with us and for those who start a chat. We’re so proud of you!

After retiring from a long career working in healthcare, I decided to attack my bucket list.  That included learning to counsel, be a good listener, and maybe even help people clarify the direction in which they want to go.  So I earned an Associates in Human Services to find out what social workers are taught.  I then reached out to volunteer jobs which afforded the opportunity to use and build some skills in listening and help people see more clearly how they can develop and attain their goals.  That led to a job with a large church meeting people in need of financial assistance and appropriately providing that help through the church’s benevolence fund.  It also led to IMALIVE.  IMALIVE is an amazing organization of which I am proud to be a small part.  It has taught me so much and I still ask myself after every call how I could have done that better.   Volunteering for IMALive is something I intend to do for a long time to come and, hopefully, more and more successfully.  

A hobby of mine is making things from stained glass; I also enjoy taking care of pets and trying to keep track of what my children and grandchildren are doing and accomplishing.  

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