For the Love of Spring

I feel it, the first warmth of spring on my face as I run. I feel free. I feel strong. I feel alive! That first warm day, usually a decoy day, never fails to entice me outdoors and cause me to dream of the garden I will never plant. 

I don’t actually like gardening. I like the idea of gardening so I plan my summer bounty. I think of the fun it will be to feel warm dirt on my hands and warm sun on my skin as I work in my garden. I can almost smell the sun warmed soil. I think of how nice it will be to harvest all of the vegetables I will plant and what I will make with them all and I quickly become overwhelmed at the idea and so, abandon my plans for a garden. But it was great fun while it lasted. I think my virtual garden is my favourite thing. No actual dirt has to be touched and no real sun burns my practically transparent skin. I am safe and clean in the garden of my mind. If I determine that I would like to make some type of effort at preserving things we have a great Farmers’ market in town to supply my schemes, I am lucky in that regard. 

I do, however, feel a jolt of joy when I step outside and look into the front garden and see the first green shoots of tulips and daffodils rising up out of the patch that my predecessor planted, I can only imagine, lovely autumn day. I get very excited and take pictures to share with family and friends as soon as I see any colour on those shoots. 

Spring is my time to truly enjoy the outdoors, as it is not yet overwarm, but it is still bright and joyful. I revel in the life emerging all around me and feel inexplicable joy at the renewal of the neighbourhood. As all of the neighbours spruce up the front of their homes so we can all chat with one another in relative comfort. I know that I have great privilege in having a neighbourhood where we are able to gather with each other and speak freely to one another, part of the joy of living in a small village. We know each other, we find joy in each other’s triumphs and sadness in each other’s pain. Spring in our village is the reacquaintance with our neighbours after a long time apart, even this year, as in the last year, we will speak over driveways, lawns, and across streets with one another to keep our bonds strong.

It is time to renew the bonds of friendship that have lapsed over the winter, and a time to marvel at the life that is returning to our little village.

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