A Special Thank You To All IMAlive Volunteers

It seems quite unfair that there is only a week set aside for volunteer appreciation.  It should be something that happens every day in every year.  Volunteering is a cool thing to do.  It does take work, dedication, and time but the cost is well worth it.  There is the good we do for others.  But there is another side of volunteering that is often overlooked.  That is the gift we give ourselves when we volunteer.  That sense of providing meaning in a world where we sometimes feel meaning is lost.  That sense of accomplishment.  That sense of personal growth we experience with each hour we volunteer.  

I know I am sort of a quiet guy when it comes to such matters.  But rest assured I count myself among the proud to be associated with such a dedicated group of volunteers.  Thank you all for allowing me to feel good because of the work you do.  AND take time to thank yourselves. Each and every one of you deserves it!   Take care and be good to you!

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