Volunteer’s of the Month – *April*

Liz from the United Kingdom

Since joining the IMAlive team in January of 2017, Liz has gone the extra mile (or rather, kilometer being UK-based) so consistently on and off shift that she’s run the equivalent of many marathons helping chatters from all over the world to remain safe from suicide. Motivated by genuine empathy and care, Liz meets every chatter ready to listen to them with a fresh perspective of where they are on their life’s track; recognizing their individual needs, unique situation, and their pain without judgement, she strides to match the pace of the crisis intervention connection to that of the person in crisis as they work together to find a hopeful direction. Her experience, flexibility of focus, personal groundedness, readiness to adapt, and open mind facilitate an ability to confidently navigate any hurdles or new obstacles that may pop up during the course of a conversation. This alacrity overflows into her interactions with supervisors, too, many of whom consider her a friend, and who note she “makes teamwork the dreamwork!” She excels at keeping in touch whether to ask questions, brief on progress, discuss possibilities that want exploring, or to chit-chat about a variety of topics outside of crisis intervention during moments of downtime, one of the favorite subjects being her dog Angel. If a gold medal existed for exceptional volunteerism in crisis intervention, she would be standing on the podium – Liz, we are so very proud to honor you as a Volunteer of the Month!

Thu from Vietnam

October of 2019 saw the tour de force of positive energy, passion for helping others, and commitment to skills improvement who goes by Thu become a part of the IMAlive team. “Enthusiasm about helping people and eagerness to learn more from those around me” as well as “combining experience and skills to […] help out more and more people” seem like sweeping application statements, however Thu backs up those very aspirations shift after shift with an endless capacity for expressing care for all through the crisis intervention process and by treating each and every chat as if it’s the most important chat they’ll ever take. Supervisors say Thu comes to shift enthused and passionate about being able to help, no matter the time of day, and just as often fills in last minute gaps in the schedule to ensure no one in need of someone to listen goes left unanswered. Empathy and patience are the cornerstones of Thu’s style, and serve as a foundation to build understanding and safety from suicide on as they work through the chatters’ unique experiences. Supervisors also admire Thu’s especial talent for prioritizing the chatter’s well-being while taking a casual, yet detailed, approach to chats that truly feel like a conversation between acquaintances and create a comfortable space for the person in crisis to be heard and enable them to brainstorm what comes next. Thank you, Thu, for all you do and will do in future as a member of this team and beyond – congratulations on becoming a volunteer of the month!

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