Volunteer’s of the Month – *October* Jennifer and Elaine

Jennifer from New York, USA

Jennifer completed certification as a crisis responder and joined the IMAlive team in February of 2017 via a Random Acts sponsorship. Rooting her crisis response skills in an “ability to relate to people from all walks of life,” and nourishing those skills over the years with a desire to “improve upon my ability to help others,” since that time she has shared over 960 hours with our chatters – that’s hundreds of lives touched, heard, and helped to keep hope in bloom. Supervisors praise Jennifer’s cool and collected demeanor; she shows empathy and remains calm even in stressful situations in order to stay focused on the person on the other side of the screen who needs help. Supervisors say she knows her stuff when it comes to crisis intervention skills, always going with the flow, and using the ebb and tide inherent in conversations to facilitate finding constructive outcomes for chatters. Pleasant company on any shift team for her motivation and compassion, she works hard to help every person in crisis she connects to while maintaining good communication with her supervisors and asking questions when in doubt. She also possesses the confidence to advocate for different approaches and her perspective on a situation as she hears it and sticks up for what she thinks is a good way in circumstances where she believes it will benefit the ultimate goal of a chatter’s safety. Jennifer – your dedication to volunteering truly shines on every shift! Congrats on being named a Volunteer of the Month!

Elaine From Java, Indonesia

A Random Acts training sponsee, Elaine just celebrated her 1 year milestone with IMAlive, having given over 200 hours so far to supporting people in crisis since November of 2020. Self-assured, inquisitive, and grounded are just three of the qualities Elaine brings to the table; add to these a natural empathy and openness, and you have not only a skilled crisis responder able to engage chatters where they are in their life at that moment they reach out to us to help them to identify means to cope safely through their current crisis, but also a volunteer who embraces feedback from supervisors during shift and folds it into her own style in an effort to continue to grow and learn and build upon the basic fundamentals of crisis intervention. Supervisors remark that in their interactions with Elaine it’s evident she cares deeply about the work she does, and that warmth and compassion resonate in the rapport she fosters with her chatters. Recently, with mere minutes to go before a 4 hour long window of connecting with chatters seeking support was set to close for her shift, Elaine did not hesitate to take a last late chat that appeared; she let her supervisor know she was prepared to stay with that person who desperately needed space to vent their struggles, and she made certain they got that chance, concluding shift and the chat in a meaningful final hour. It struck her supervisor then – as it does all of us on the IMAlive team – how entirely natural it is for Elaine to surrender parts of her time and herself to help when it is needed most. Elaine – for your selfless service in the work of helping others through their most critical moments we are pleased to recognize you as a Volunteer of the Month! 

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