2022: Hopes, Healing, & Reminders

Here we are, several days into 2022 which can be daunting and overwhelming. New Year’s typically start off with lots of hype;  “what are your resolutions?”, “what are you hoping to achieve in 2022?”,what are your goals?”, and the list goes on……. 

While for some people, these questions may be eye opening and motivating, for many of us, they can be overwhelming and stressful, especially in a time of unknowns; Will the pandemic ever end? Will leaders begin to tackle global warming? Will mental health support become more available? It is easy to be bogged down by everything happening around us that is so far out of our control yet affects our lives immensely. How are we supposed to look forward to a new year, when we’re still recovering from the past couple? 

Instead of focusing on what we have not accomplished or the things so far out of our control, what should we put our energy into? Should we be making a goal for the entire year and hope announcing it at the beginning of the year will carry us through? This year, the way I am tackling New Year’s goals and resolutions are a bit different. Each day there will be a new goal, sometimes the goal may be getting outside or seeing/calling a friend and other days, it might be getting out of bed and taking a shower or eating a well balanced meal. Alternatively, in the current state of mind, some days the goal itself may be staying alive until tomorrow. Whatever the goal may be.. at the end of the day throughout 2022, we should work on being kind to ourselves. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight, you don’t set an intention for the year and it magically happens. It takes time, effort and perseverance. It takes remembering the goal, thinking about how we can achieve it, and continually working towards it. It can be a lot to focus on one goal, with everything going on around us. However, instead of looking at the entire year ahead, let’s focus on each and every day, let’s be easy on ourselves when the weight of the world is feeling heavier than usual and let’s strive to become the best versions of ourselves on days we feel like we can tackle anything! 

Give yourself kindness in 2022. Allow yourself to set small goals and if you don’t tackle them on the day you had hoped – try again tomorrow, next week, or next month. Don’t force yourself to make unrealistic goals that feel too far out of reach and don’t fall into the expectations of what others want you to change. Make goals that will make yourself even the slightest bit happier, fulfilled, relieved or whatever you need to feel to remember you are more than worth being here with us as we begin 2022! 

Below are some ideas that may help you setting a goal, depending on how you’re feeling that day: 

Overwhelmed: Take 5-10 minutes to breathe, give yourself space, and reflect on why you’re feeling this way – and remember it’s ok to feel overwhelmed; there is a lot going on! 

Lonely: Call a friend, chat with somebody online, write out what you would say to somebody else. Remember that at times we all feel lonely, but we are never truly alone. 

Sad: Watch a funny video or movie, look up funny memes, eat some junk food – do whatever you need to in order to make yourself feel even the tiniest bit of relief. Remember this feeling will not last forever, and it is not a bad thing to feel sad or down (we are human, after all!). 

Tired: Give yourself space and permission to rest and recharge, whatever that means to you. Remember that we all have days that we feel off, and we don’t need to be going at 100% all the time. 

No matter what mood you wake up in each day of 2022, remember to do something kind for yourself, to allow yourself to feel things, to grow, and remind yourself that you are human and some days will be tougher than others. 

And of course, on days where you are feeling down, lonely and feel like there is nobody on your side, reach out to IMAlive because we are rooting for you in 2022 (and beyond)!

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