Volunteers of the Month – January *April & Abbey*

She may not have been alluding specifically to the dedication demonstrated day in and day out by crisis service volunteers who make a difference one single person at a time, but musical artist/motivational speaker Jana Stanfield summed up the can-do attitude and commitment to helping who-when-where and how they can that this January’s Volunteers of the month possess when she said: 

“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good I can do.”

A PostSecret sponsee for crisis responder training with IMAlive, April hit the ground running – or would that be swimming given she’s from a well-known island state? – when she became certified to assist people in crisis just one year ago. Since then she’s crossed many oceans virtually, sharing well over the 200 hour annual shift commitment hours we ask of volunteers, giving that time and more to the good work of helping others to find hope in their moment of need. She joined the team with the sentiment that: “Life experiences have enabled me to have a lot of compassion and a deep care for others. I truly care about what happens to other people, and I think that would be my greatest asset in this role;” that care abounds in every aspect of her volunteerism and in each interaction she has with a person in crisis. Supervisors praise April’s ability to constantly improve upon and adapt her skills – she gets better and better with each new chat. They add that she isn’t afraid to ask for – or at all reluctant to receive – feedback on how to proceed in new or tricky chat circumstances, and say it’s inspirational to witness that acceptance, ease, growth, and sheer want to be the best help she can be for a person in crisis. Never one to complain, quick with wit, deeply compassionate, and with vast patience, April is an absolute joy on shift. April, we are so happy to honor your outstanding dedication on your one year anniversary with team IMAlive. Congrats!

Originally certified as a crisis responder in 2015, and with a volunteer tenure at IMAlive lasting through 2018, Abbey answered the call to once again serve as a source of support for those in crisis during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 when we reached out to past volunteers who might be willing to join the ranks once more with their fellow crisis responders during that worldwide surge of stressors. Having found her earlier experience here “incredibly rewarding,” Abbey embraced the opportunity to help again, signing on with the “hope that I can positively contribute during this time of difficulty for many people.” Supervisors laud Abbey’s dedication, saying she is an all around wonderful asset to have on the team and lovely to work with on shift. They also note that she gives her best to every chatter she connects to; no matter who they are or what situation they face, she opens her heart in empathy and employs her training to find a way together to stay safe from suicide as they make it through their struggles. In fact, Abbey’s self-professed ability to listen without judgement comes with a five star rating where 5 out of 5 supervisors (and chatters alike) would definitely recommend! Abbey, congratulations on this well-deserved win of recognition!

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