Volunteers of the Month- September *Daniel & Ann Marie*

“Beauty is not who you are on the outside…It is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul like you.”- Shannon L. Alder

Impressing our team from the beginning by nearly completing their 200-hour commitment within six months of becoming certified, Daniel has written their name in the stars. With a feat like that, it seems only natural that they’d be named Volunteer of the Month for the month of September. Becoming certified just this past April, Daniel swooped in with their passion and love of helping others and their dedication to leaving a positive legacy behind them. According to them, IMAlive is a small yet defining stepping stone to a future career in servicing others in their times of need and has hope that he can successfully change a life with what they’ve learned and use to deal with similar situations. Daniel attributes his success here to being able to carry this sage knowledge with him in every chat and in his daily life, “Kindness is free and we all have the choice whether to be kind or to not be kind. I choose to be kind, and to be an open ear for anyone who needs someone to talk to!”

Outside of chats, those who have worked with them commend Daniel for having an excellent intuition for what could be the most helpful for the person in crises, being driven to do their very best, and being an overall caring responder as well as being fun to work with and have a positive insight. They surprise our team over and over again despite going through their own hardships that crisis intervention takes heart and it seems to be the kind of heart that Daniel has. We are overjoyed to name them as one of our volunteers of the month!

In seven short months of being an IMAlive volunteer, we have had the pleasure of seeing Ann Marie grow into a skilled volunteer who is an absolute gem within the wonderful group of volunteers IMAlive has. Being drawn to crisis intervention and sucide prevention since they were a teenager, it’s apparent that what fuels them is their strong empathy and compassion for others and wanting to be better equipped to assist people during the darkest times in their lives. With just over 100 hours complete and invaluable hours to go, Ann Marie strives to be one of IMAlive’s greatest assets during live chats with her unique capabilities, wonderful communication skills, and motivation to bring the best outcomes possible. 

The compassion they bring to every person in crises is recognized across the board and does not go by unappreciated by the supervisors Ann Marie has worked with since April of this year. They express how Ann Marie is a “Great and caring responder who knows how to sink her teeth in a chat. Very motivated to find the things that bring change to one’s life. Courageous and not afraid to ask for help”, as well as “Ann Marie is a lovely responder who takes her time to connect to the PIC. She rarely needs guidance, but when she does is very appreciative of any suggestions I might have. She has grown in confidence in the time I’ve been working with her”.

With their effective and supportive style of communication and intervention, IMAlive is ecstatic to recognize Ann Marie as September’s Volunteer of the Month and even more so, anticipating to see them continue to grow and excel as a volunteer. Congratulations!

If you are thinking about applying to be an IMAlive volunteer, please click the following link – https://www.imalive.org/volunteer-online/

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