2022: Hopes, Healing, & Reminders

Here we are, several days into 2022 which can be daunting and overwhelming. New Year’s typically start off with lots of hype;  “what are your resolutions?”, “what are you hoping to achieve in 2022?”, “what are your goals?”, and the list goes on…….  While for some people, these questions may be eye opening and motivating,Continue reading “2022: Hopes, Healing, & Reminders”

Volunteer’s of the Month – *November* Morgan and Kellie!

Volunteer’s of the Month – *November* Morgan from Canada andKellie from NY. Read their amazing journey with IMALIVE.

Volunteer’s of the Month – *September* Brooke and Jennifer

Volunteer’s of the Month – *September* Brooke and Jennifer.


As I write this, the headlines of the news in recent weeks have talked about climate change, the evolving and adapting virus, the rise and fall of the stock market, and so many other changes occurring every day.  Social media is an overwhelming cascade of change highlighting new jobs, births, engagements, marriages, divorces, new homes,Continue reading “Permanence”

From Both Sides

  Crisis Intervention is about encouraging individuals to take small steps towards a lighter, brighter future – to reach out to someone they love, make an appointment with a doctor, or simply take a walk. But what about problems that cannot be fixed? How do you solve a pandemic, or grief, or the new painfulContinue reading “From Both Sides”

Volunteer’s of the Month – *August* – Gwen and Luyolo

Shout out to the IMALIVE Volunteer’s of the Month of – *August* Gwen and Luyolo

Fear of a Name Increases Fear of the Thing Itself

SUICIDE – the scary word that seems to be hard, awkward, and taboo to talk about but why? Why are people scared to bring up suicide and why are others scared to have it brought up to them? Is it because talking about it makes it seem more real? Or is it because we areContinue reading “Fear of a Name Increases Fear of the Thing Itself”

Bad, Bad Times & How It Got Better Again

     I still remember the summer my life fell apart.         I’d been living away from my home, the UK, to teach in South Korea for about a year. My fiancé was about to move in and I was ready for another spectacular Korean summer: day-drinking, sight-seeing, and the kind of luscious heat we neverContinue reading “Bad, Bad Times & How It Got Better Again”

Keep Breathing

Somehow, some way, what we’re all going through with this pandemic has brought us down to survival mode. For myself, I hid in my apartment when I first lost my job.  It wasn’t a decision made necessarily as much as it was a matter of going on autopilot and my mind answering its own questionContinue reading “Keep Breathing”