From Both Sides

  Crisis Intervention is about encouraging individuals to take small steps towards a lighter, brighter future – to reach out to someone they love, make an appointment with a doctor, or simply take a walk. But what about problems that cannot be fixed? How do you solve a pandemic, or grief, or the new painfulContinue reading “From Both Sides”

Proud to Be An Ally

I am very proud to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. I have grown up in a very open-minded environment and was lucky to be exposed and educated on this community. My high school provided us with enough information about it to be an ally and show support towards others.  With that said, PrideContinue reading “Proud to Be An Ally”

Pride Month: We Still Have Work to Do

This month has been awash with rainbows as we’ve all come together to celebrate Pride Month. Seeing happy faces, outpourings of love, the faces of people who’ve fought for their acceptance and equality, is always inspiring and so up lifting. As June draws to a close, let’s all try to make sure that the PrideContinue reading “Pride Month: We Still Have Work to Do”

Pride Month: Sexuality and Gender Identity

I am a massive supporter of human beings. All of them. – We deserve to live in a world full of love and acceptance. – It’s time we talk about our experiences open and honestly, and as parents, teachers, members of a community and let our children, our future generation know, it’s okay to beContinue reading “Pride Month: Sexuality and Gender Identity”

Pride Month: Asexual

I remember playing Never Have I Ever at summer camp when I was fifteen and being one of the few people in the circle to not put a finger down for “never have I ever had sex.” At that point in my life I’d kissed a few boys but I’d never done anything more thanContinue reading “Pride Month: Asexual”