2022: Hopes, Healing, & Reminders

Here we are, several days into 2022 which can be daunting and overwhelming. New Year’s typically start off with lots of hype;  “what are your resolutions?”, “what are you hoping to achieve in 2022?”, “what are your goals?”, and the list goes on…….  While for some people, these questions may be eye opening and motivating,Continue reading “2022: Hopes, Healing, & Reminders”

From Both Sides

  Crisis Intervention is about encouraging individuals to take small steps towards a lighter, brighter future – to reach out to someone they love, make an appointment with a doctor, or simply take a walk. But what about problems that cannot be fixed? How do you solve a pandemic, or grief, or the new painfulContinue reading “From Both Sides”

Keep Breathing

Somehow, some way, what we’re all going through with this pandemic has brought us down to survival mode. For myself, I hid in my apartment when I first lost my job.  It wasn’t a decision made necessarily as much as it was a matter of going on autopilot and my mind answering its own questionContinue reading “Keep Breathing”

Proud to Be An Ally

I am very proud to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. I have grown up in a very open-minded environment and was lucky to be exposed and educated on this community. My high school provided us with enough information about it to be an ally and show support towards others.  With that said, PrideContinue reading “Proud to Be An Ally”

How Alex Found Me – A Volunteer’s Story

“She told me to stop. That people cared, and I needed to talk to someone.”

Saving Ourselves is Okay Too

Saving Ourselves is Okay Too – We do the work we do to help others but sometimes, there’s the reminder that what we do saves us a little bit too. – A volunteers story.

A Volunteer’s Rabbit Hole

A Volunteer’s Rabbit Hole – A look into how crisis volunteers also need to take care of themselves while caring for others. Read more #WSPM #SuicidePrevention

International Self-Care Day 2020

It’s International Self-Care Day. The IMAlive volunteers have shared ways to self-care at home. Join us in spreading hope and help to those who may need to see this.