What does it mean to #Upgrade the world?

What does it mean to #Upgrade the world? Is it curing disease, is it stopping extinction, is it eliminating poverty, could we do something that helps all these worthy causes? We think so. By supporting those who are struggling with mental illness, by taking away the stigma that comes with mental health support, we make sure world changing ideas don’t die by suicide. Lives cut short can’t save the world, people who are supported and kept alive, can. We believe they will, through the kinder world created by the IMAlive volunteer team.

An upgraded world doesn’t just protect an endangered species, a house, a life- it helps all life. A more empathetic and kinder world leads to ecosystem conservation, safer communities and justice for everyone. What would the world look like if it was upgraded? Would we all live the way Ghandi dreamed, working for the better world we wanted to see? Would it be one simple act of great love like Mother Tereasa believed in? We think so. It would be living for each other every day, and giving others the support so they can do it, too.
IMAlive struggles every day to help those who are struggling because those who struggle are all of us. They are doctors who couldn’t save lives if they succumbed to mental illness, they are educators who couldn’t teach the next generation to read if they didn’t get out of bed because of PTSD, they are mothers who wouldn’t be able to pass kindness and empathy to their children if postpartum became too much, they are all of us who matter in our lives, communities and our world.
There are thousands of projects that need attention, need funds, need advocates, need champions- every time we lose one person to suicide we are losing someone who could have been part of these movements. Someone who wouldn’t just upgrade their world, they could have changed the whole world. By supporting ImAlive, you don’t just support one project, or the hopes of one project. You support the potential that is locked away in each of us for all projects. Suicide steals these ideas, it silences them forever, it takes away our hopes. We take hope back and give advocates, champions, heroes and dreamers another opportunity to support, advocate, champion, dream and be heroes. When you save someones life you are telling them they matter, so do their ideas and THAT is how you upgrade the world.
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