2022: Hopes, Healing, & Reminders

Here we are, several days into 2022 which can be daunting and overwhelming. New Year’s typically start off with lots of hype;  “what are your resolutions?”, “what are you hoping to achieve in 2022?”, “what are your goals?”, and the list goes on…….  While for some people, these questions may be eye opening and motivating,Continue reading “2022: Hopes, Healing, & Reminders”

Embrace Your Sidekick: My Dog Is My Mirror

Cara Last year I was scavenging through the internet looking for dogs, our old doggie was definitely going through her last months (as we thought then anyway…). To be without a dog in the near future didn’t feel right. Somehow, I stumbled twice upon Cara, a rescue English setter from Italy. First time I clickedContinue reading “Embrace Your Sidekick: My Dog Is My Mirror”

Embrace Your Sidekick: Allowing Support

Within IMAlive, I’ve found that one of the most talked about concepts outside of the obvious is the idea of superheroes. We look for them everywhere in our lives; our families, friends, pets, coworkers. Then as a society, we look outward for everyday ones; teachers, firefighters, police officers, counselors, pastors. We look for a strongContinue reading “Embrace Your Sidekick: Allowing Support”

There Is Always Me: Learning to Love Me

Finding the meaning behind loving ourselves always seems easy and achievable…at least in theory. It seems like a mantra and more so, a goal to work towards with the assumption of that we can eventually get there. It’s difficult, so much more difficult than I expected at least but I wanted to try. I feltContinue reading “There Is Always Me: Learning to Love Me”

Join Our Valentine’s Campaign: There Is Always Me

When you look around and it seems like everyone is spending Valentine’s day with their special someone… Know that you are not alone. We at IMAlive want to invite you to be the love we all deserve, and become a part of our #ThereIsAlwaysMe campaign. How can I get involved? We are creating ready-made cardsContinue reading “Join Our Valentine’s Campaign: There Is Always Me”

IMAlive: Closing a Chapter on 2018 #EYS2018

As the year 2018 comes to a close and we as an organization are reflecting on this campaign that encouraged everyone to embrace their superpowers it seems only fitting that we end the year with a special superpower that also goes very well with the theme of New Years Eve: glitter. Let me explain thatContinue reading “IMAlive: Closing a Chapter on 2018 #EYS2018”

Minding My Mental Health: A Holly Jolly Hiatus

“It wasn’t until I grew up and started my adult life that I realized how much holiday breaks meant for my mental health.” #HolidaySeason #MentalHealth

Let’s talk about: Self Care

Many days, it feels like the mere act of turning on the television, picking up a newspaper, or opening any form of social media requires a feat of strength. There seems to be a never-ending supply of bad news bombarding us and, just when it seems that there’s no place further to descend, somehow, theContinue reading “Let’s talk about: Self Care”

A Type A’s Guide to Relaxation: National Relaxation Day

A Type A’s Guide to Relaxation A full calendar is a happy calendar! I tend to be one of those people who always wants to fill up my time. If I see a spare hour in my schedule, I am thinking about what I could get done in that time. But, recently I have beenContinue reading “A Type A’s Guide to Relaxation: National Relaxation Day”